Intemark provides the sound analysis you need to gain a realistic, up-front assessment of what your partner or sponsorship opportunity is worth - and what you can reasonably expect in return.


NEARLY 3 DECADES of valuating assets and partnership marketing expertise

We began valuing marketing assets in 1994 for every client, long before it became a specialized industry

Performance-based track record of delivering partnerships to every client

Millions of dollars generated for our clients using our proprietary valuation software, Insight360, methods and unique marketing and selling skills, often times resulting in increased client revenue sometimes in excess of 220% 

Due to limited historical success with other asset valuation companies, some clients have approached Intemark to reassess assets given our reality-based experience

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Identify, valuate and analyze

Your marketing assets using a blend of our proprietary software program (Insight360) and real-world partner marketing experience

Provide ongoing partner marketing consulting

Including how to get the most out of your report and plan, how to bundle and price partner offerings, how to approach corporations and how to negotiate and structure partnership programs.

Deliver a customized valuation report

which details asset categories, asset values, estimated reach and monetary value potential.

Craft a customized partnership development plan

which includes partners marketing strategies, activation concepts and opportunities to increase revenue.

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