7-ELEVEN and Deadpool

Celebrate the release of Deadpool 2 while earning free snacks with 7-Eleven’s location-based AR experience

Nationwide, the convenience store retailer has launched exclusive Deadpool-themed products, sweepstakes promotions and its first-ever augmented reality (AR) in-store experience that brings Deadpool into the store. All AR activities can be accessed through the 7-Eleven mobile app.


Trolli and Deadpool

Trolli launched limited edition "Tiny Hands" candy as part of an hilarious campaign for the new Deadpool 2 movie.

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No other brand partnership is positioned to do something as disruptive and edgy as this. It requires a candy company as irreverent as Trolli and a superhero as unconventional as Deadpool to create something as inventive as body parts you can eat.