A place where every detail has been designed specifically for a dog’s health and happiness. A HAPPY DOG = A HAPPY PARENT which is why Dogtopia is one of the fastest growing, premium pet care brands in the United States.

Almost 90 million American households have a pet and consumers have embraced the pet lifestyle like never before. In 2019, the pet industry was estimated at $76B and is expected to reach $120B by 2021.

More than 130 daycare centers and at least 60 more opening this year, Dogtopia offers everything a furry family member requires with award-winning daycare, boarding and spa services. Pet parents can watch dogs play in an open and safe environment via private access webcams. Dogs are separated by size and temperament and are fully vaccinated. Professionally trained Dogtopians love and care for pups like they are their own. Dogtopia is a village of experts and knowledge for raising a happy, healthy pup. And trust us, dogs will come home overjoyed from THE MOST EXCITING DAY EVER. 

Dogtopia is looking for select marketing partners to enhance their customer’s brand experience.
The brand offers a wide range of activation resources for marketing partners to build long-lasting relationships with AN INCREDIBLY LOYAL AUDIENCE (THE PETS AND THEIR PARENTS). 

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