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Entertainment opportunities to combine marketing and organizational strength and efficiencies to create an exciting and powerful joint entertainment marketing programs that drive sales!

Entertainment Marketing and Partner Programs designed to establish long-term alliances with our top-tier partners by providing exclusive marketing support and opportunities, across a range of title opportunities.

Event Sponsorship

Vans Warped Tour. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. What do these events all have in common? Brand sponsorship, of course. From the live performances, social media buzz, and massive attendance, it’s no wonder companies want in on the action.

Since 2012, Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Parkway has transformed into the Budweiser Made in America Festival during Labor Day weekend. Created by Jay-Z and sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, the festival draws nearly 100,000 people to Philly each year. That’s 100,000 people listening to hit artists, celebrating musical diversity, and enjoying tasty Budweiser beer.

Company executive Paul Chibe rekindled Budweiser’s relationship with music, using the historic Budweiser Superfest series as inspiration. Sponsoring Made in America proved that Budweiser could give music fans an unforgettable experience and in return build an impressive amount of brand awareness.

Why work with Intemark?

By establishing brand objectives, identifying the correct strategy and leveraging our unique network, we create meaningful partnerships that ensure our clients place in pop culture. Our team is comprised of experts, whose collective experience spans a variety of notable backgrounds including entertainment marketing, public relations, advertising, sports marketing, music, fashion, legal counsel and cross promotion. 
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Quick Facts about Entertainment Marketing

How is Entertainment Marketing Different than Advertising?

Entertainment marketing is a specific part of marketing reaches consumers through entertainment using product placement, celebrity endorsements, brand integration and more.

Marketing, as compared to advertising, focuses heavily on demographic behaviors and interests to organically reach them as opposed to just plastering a generalized advertisement. In turn, marketing is often to be more subtle than advertising.

What Are Popular Entertainment Marketing Strategies?

Entertainment marketing can be used in all sorts of ways to promote a brand. Some of the most popular entertainment marketing strategies include celebrity endorsements, brand partnerships, and product placement. 

Why It Works?

People crave amusement. They want to marathon a new series, see the latest blockbuster or go to the year’s biggest concert. Entertainment marketing targets consumers organically by seamlessly weaving into these experiences and strengthening emotional connections to things they enjoy.

Quite simply, entertainment marketing works so well because it entertains.

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Intemark represents some of the world’s most valuable and innovative brands and companies. The partnerships and sponsorships we create generate revenue, add value, and cross promote in unexpected and unique channels.


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