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Intemark works with a diverse range of clients. Whether you are just getting started or a firmly established business, we work with you to create a successful marketing and advertising strategy. 

Media Exchange allows you to develop a single point solution that brings together all the suppliers and business partners who need to take advantage of, or make use of your information in whatever format it takes.

If you’ve got retail partners who produce their own marketing materials featuring your products, you can increase the efficiency of image distribution by giving those partners access to your online data repository. This is going to make it simple to keep the wrong images or information out of their marketing material; and in the long run is going to improve the effectiveness of the partner’s lead generation activities, if that’s what the marketing material is designed for.


Intemark applies creative, innovative thinking relative to strategy and funding for partnerships and alliances.

Intemark utilizes an effective partnering model and methodology – 100% effective to date.

Intemark has a thorough understanding of independent dealer/retailer and franchise network dynamics.

Intemark is unrivaled as the only partner/alliance marketing company in the U.S. that is truly performance-based with a flawless success record.

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Intemark represents some of the world’s most valuable and innovative brands and companies. The partnerships and sponsorships we create generate revenue, add value, and cross promote in unexpected and unique channels.

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