Collab Chronicles Series: Intemark's Game-Changing Brand Partnership Stories


The Impact of Brand Collaboration on the Olympic Experience:

To kick off our feature series, we are sharing one of our many favorites with our client, Oakley. Rarely does one have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most recognized brands in the world on the largest global stage in existence. Intemark helped Oakley make a dream reality by aligning top-tier brand partners in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Olympic Games. Intemark previously worked with Oakley in the same vein for London 2012 and Sochi 2014. Rio 2016 had its triumphs and its challenges! Thankfully, more triumphs than challenges…

Intemark once again revealed its expertise in facilitating impactful collaborations. The Oakley Safehouse at the 2016 Rio Olympics became a testament to the power of brand collaboration when Oakley joined forces with Vita Coco, Sambazon, General Motors, and other brands. We are sharing a peek into the success of this partner program and how it elevated the Olympic experience for athletes, athlete’s families/friends, VIPs, and all the brands involved. Muito Obrigado Rio and Oakley!

The Oakley Safehouse in Action:

The partnership between Oakley and its partner program designed and executed by Intemark demonstrates the power of brand collaboration during significant events like the Olympics. Through this collaboration, the brands were able to elevate the experience for athletes, VIPs, and each other. The Oakley Safehouse became a melting pot of cultures and talents, with athletes from various countries coming together in a unique space to relax, socialize, and support one another.

The successful integration of Oakley Safehouse partners showcased the value of strategic brand partnerships. These collaborations not only provided the brands with valuable exposure but also contributed to creating a hands-on experience for an exclusive audience, composed of the world’s top athletes and VIPs.

The Oakley Safehouse's Legacy:

The Oakley Safehouse at the 2016 Rio Olympics will forever be remembered as yet another groundbreaking example of how brand collaboration can enhance the experience of athletes, VIPs, and the brands themselves. By bringing together Oakley, Vita Coco, Sambazon, General Motors, and Perrier, Intemark once again placed its mark on memorable and impactful partnerships that truly exemplify the power of collaboration.

Creating a Memorable Experience at the Oakley Safehouse:

To enhance the experience at the Oakley Safehouse, Intemark brought together Oakley, the Official Eyewear of Team USA, with Vita Coco, Sambazon, General Motors, and Perrier. These brands were thoughtfully selected to complement Oakley’s brand values, Brazilian culture and seamlessly integrate into the unique environment of the Safehouse. Through strategic collaboration, Vita Coco, Sambazon, Chevrolet, and Perrier gained unmatched exposure while providing valuable benefits to the athletes and VIPs in attendance.

Win-Win Partnership for All

The partnership between Oakley and its brand partners was strategically designed as a boon for all. Category exclusivity, linear and digital advertising, content rights, and trademark usage were among the invaluable assets that Oakley offered its partners. In return, partners provided financial support, activation, product value-in-kind, experts/influencers, and cross-promotional opportunities throughout channels not available to Oakley.

The Oakley Safehouse in Action:

The atmosphere at the Oakley Safehouse was truly unique, with a diverse group of the world’s top athletes, athlete families and friends, Oakley leadership (including top Luxottica technicians), and VIPs coming together to enjoy the event, provide tangible benefits such as eyewear fitting for events, broadcast booths for interviews/video calls with hometown media, and Oakley-curated medal ceremonies. Oakley’s special Green Fade eyewear collection was on display, which was hand-painted and representing unity among the athletes. The Safehouse also featured viewing lounges for guests to watch Olympic events in real-time, creating an engaging environment where even the most accomplished athletes became superfans of their peers representing other countries across a broad range of sport.

Cuisine played a central role in bonding the guests at the Safehouse and was a necessity in some cases for Oakley’s athletes. A wide array of healthy options, including salads and Sambazon’s acai berry bowls, catered to the athletes’ nutritional needs. Vita Coco’s coconut water bars offered refreshing hydration and mixed drinks for those looking to indulge. From the carefully curated menu to the unique ambiance, every detail of the Oakley Safehouse was designed to create a memorable experience for its guests.

Takeaways for Future Brand Collaborations:

The success of the Oakley Safehouse partner program offers valuable insights for future brand collaborations. By thoughtfully selecting complementary brands and strategically integrating their services and products, companies can create unforgettable experiences that resonate with target audiences. The Oakley Safehouse experience in Rio, London, and Sochi demonstrated the importance of a clear vision, seamless execution, and a shared passion for creating exceptional experiences.

The Oakley Safehouse during the 2016 Rio Olympics stands as a testament to the impact that brand collaboration can have on large-scale events. Intemark’s expertise in creating meaningful connections between brands and audiences was on full display, resulting in a memorable and impactful experience for all. As the world looks forward to Paris 2024 and other major events, the Oakley Safehouse concept serves as a powerful reminder of the potential of brand collaboration and the value of strategic partnerships.

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