The Greatest people



Founder & CEO

Jill has a superhuman ability to balance the needs of the business while constantly engaging and inspiring others. Her entrepreneurial spirit, drive, solid people skills, and desire to place culture above all else leave a lasting impression on her employees and colleagues, both near and far.

Jill has worked on many clients and related programs since founding Intemark nearly twenty-nine years ago, including such notables as National Geographic, NCAA, P&G, K2 Sports, Luxottica Group (Oakley), TREK Bicycles, Discovery Networks, The Walt Disney Company, National Hockey League, AEG, Nokia, SAP, IBM/Watson, Volvo Cars, Ford Motor Company, Netflix, BMW NA, Great Clips, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, Carlson Rezidor, L’Oréal, Marriott Hotels, Salomon North America, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon, and many more.

She is a natural-born leader who loves bringing people and clients together and is always taking the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others. She serves as both a mentor and a role model within her organization and the wider community.



Jorge is an accomplished marketing and partnerships leader with over 20 years of experience working for some of the most recognizable brands in Film & Entertainment, News Media and Consumer Retail.

Jorge’s extensive track record of developing brand collaborations is rooted in his unique ability to connect and build trust with individuals at all levels of an organization, identify leverage points and mutually beneficial arrangements for multiple parties, and clear the path to agreement.  

A strong negotiator and top-notch communicator with experience in Fortune 100, nonprofit and startup environments, Jorge’s versatile skillset is key to his expert ability to influence decisions and bring teams and brands together in partnership.



Jake comes with a wealth of experience gained over nearly a decade of service on the Intemark team in key departments such as Finance, HR, IT and Operations. Prior to joining Intemark, Jake served as a trusted controller at KNW Group and NorthMarq Capital, two world-class institutions known for their excellence and high level of professionalism in their respective fields. Jake’s long and successful career is supplemented by his impressive academic background, having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Winona State University. His combination of both practical experience and exceptional theoretical training make him a coveted talent in the industry today. With Jake on board, you can expect nothing but top-notch service and results from a professional who has proven himself time and time again.


Global Marketing, Partnerships & Sales Director 

Philippe Jullien’s zest for sports and his distinctive professional journey have shaped his innovative approach to global marketing and sales.

His 16-year career is defined by his commitment to guiding teams towards growth, performance, and fulfillment, emphasizing a practical and agile methodology in consulting.

Jenifer Kramer


Jenifer Kramer is a dynamic and visionary leader in the licensing, promotions, and entertainment marketing sphere, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience and expertise. 

Before joining Intemark, Jenifer founded Jenerosity Marketing, where she honed her digital skills and business development acumen. This venture further established her as a leading figure in promotional and licensing solutions. Her approach to business is characterized by her dedication, integrity, and determination, qualities that have earned her a reputation for consistently delivering beyond expectations and achieving successful outcomes for her clients.

At Intemark, Jenifer continues to leverage her vast experience, deep industry connections, and innovative approach to drive growth, forge meaningful partnerships, and create impactful promotional campaigns. Her leadership and expertise are invaluable assets to the Intemark team, as she continues to inspire and cultivate successful collaborations in the ever-evolving landscape of partner marketing.



Michelle Ochs stands as the creative cornerstone of Intemark, having delivered a 14-years of exceptional design and content development. Her strategic oversight has been pivotal in advancing our partnership marketing, asset valuation, and business development, ensuring we lead the digital forefront. Michelle’s blend of creative ingenuity and business savvy continues to be integral to our growth and success.